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Black Desert Class Adds Yacha, the Rampaging Beast of the Battlefield, Its New Striker

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Black Desert Mobile gets a brand new melee class, the striker Yacha, also called The Rampaging Beast of the Battlefield.  His arrival brings special in-game events, including lots of rewards that are Yacha-specific and bonuses.

Yacha, who uses the Echo Spirit, enters the class roster with four abilities to start, out of a total of 13 you can learn. Yacha is an energetic melee class and begins with Spirit Burst, where he uses primal rage and charges forward to attack. Eagle Drop sees him leap forward and unleash a heavy kick into the ground. Collapsing Sweep surprises the enemy with Yacha going low and sweeping the ground out from under them. And the fourth ability he starts with is called Lights Out and it’s an emphatic strong punch. Other skills he might learn include Unshackled, which lets you trade all of your latent energy for a huge temporary strength boost, and Spirit Howl, where that latent energy combines with the Spirit to create a huge violent explosion.

If you start creating a new Yacha and level him up to level 60 will get access to two unique quests in the Balenos region. Complete them and you’ll be able to get a new title, Wandering Rogue Wolf. 

As far as rewards and events, whatever Black Desert  introduces a new class, you can expect special training,  items that help you level up the new class, and other progression bonuses. With Yacha it’s no different as you can take part in daily training and get things like Fortune Scrolls, Alchemy Stone Growth Support Chests, and other items. The event runs through May 30th and you'll also have a chance at items like Black Pearls, a Chaos Jewel, and more. 

An additional change in this week's update brings a new Siege weapon, Judgment of Aal. New weapon is the first step in their ongoing plans to make Siege War more exciting and tactical. 

Read the full notes on Yacha and the update over at Black Desert Mobile.


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