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Bitcraft Team Answers Community Questions on the Sandbox MMORPG, Pre-Alpha This Year

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There is a new update on BitCraft from the Clockwork Labs development team answering community questions and letting us know what to expect from the pre-alpha and some aspects of the sandbox MMORPG itself.

BitCraft will emphasize community and players can work together to build a society. Skill building, including gathering, trading, farming and more will be integral. And players can decide to play it the way they want to, whether that’s building cities together cities or creating empires and trying a little dominance. 

The blog from the team notes that the first wave of invites for the pre-alpha test will be before the end of the year (you can sign up here). They’ll announce when that’s going but given that it’s the end of October, this should happen pretty soon. Being a pre-alpha, this will be mostly centered around testing the game mechanics to get as much data as they can.

As far as the environment, they do answer some questions that there will be real world animals in the game but there may be some surprises as well. NPCs are intended to be mostly connections to the lore or things like monsters to defeat.. Roles in the societies players create, like shopkeepers, guards, or farmers, are made to be filled by players. 

Clockwork Labs completely designs the game to be player-centric, though much is subject to change otherwise, given their update. There will be some grind and an emphasis on building skills so that you can improve and contribute to building whatever society emerges. If you want to lead a city or rule over various communities, you’ll need some different skills than if you were just inclined to farm and fish. As far as terraforming, this is a sandbox so players will be able to impact the world, but it’s designed to have some limitations.

For more and all the answers from the team, you can read the entire post for BitCraft here.


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