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BitBox's Life is Feudal MMO Has Reached its End of Life

A Life is Feudal Feud is the Cause

Steven Weber Posted:
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Life is Feudal shut down yesterday. The indie MMO had planned to shutdown back in December, and the team went through the process of sending refunds and saying goodbye to this version of LiF.

Despite Life is Feudal: MMO shutting down it seems that Life is Feudal: Your Own and Life is Feudal: Forest Village will not be affected, nor will it affect the Life is Feudal: MMO for the Chinese market. The game purportedly shut down due to differences and issues presented by their one-time publisher Xsolla, that pressured the team into, what the Bitbox team described as an unsustainable and detrimental development position.

…Recently we’ve received the communications from this company (Xsolla) offering a certain deal. After some negotiations, we’ve realized that this deal possesses certain risks for us, and we’re not interested in it. Thus, we’ve refused their offers.

That is when things “went south”. We’ve felt ourselves under great business, legal, and financial pressure. This pressure didn't work. But it also means that, unfortunately, we can no longer pay for the servers, GM, and online support and, effectively, we cannot continue updating the game. There is nothing much we can do in this situation, and we’re simply forced to close the game.

Despite shutting down, Life is Feudal: MMO still shows as available for the moment on Steam, and has been in Early Access throughout the life of its development. Is it possible that we may see a resurgence of the MMO version of Life is Feudal in the future, or even from a different region? It’s hard to say, but for now, the sunsetting of LiF:MMO appears to be permanent, at least in the US.


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