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BioWare's Mark Darrah on a Twitter Storm Answering Player Questions

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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BioWare's Mark Darrah, executive producer of Anthem, is on a roll answering fan questions about Anthem. While many of the things Darrah has written about are things known since E3 2018. However, there are a number of interesting factoids in and among the more common questions.

Here are some of the things that caught our eye:

  • No gender variations for the Javelins (the mech suits players travel and fight in)
  • preorder items will be given to players right after completing the tutorial
  • no PC system specs are ready yet
  • each of the Javelin types are unlocked via separate missions
  • all Javelins have the same movement speed outside of combat
  • there will be a character customization option at the start of the game
  • there is a chance that loot for other Javelins will drop that is different than the one you're wearing
  • no trading at launch to preserve balance control
  • there is a weather system
  • there are rewards for exploration
  • revive will take a few seconds and anyone can revive a fallen player, even non-party members
  • there will be fall damage
  • there is an inventory system, but you cannot change the load when out in the field
  • characters are fully voice acted
  • there will be paid cosmetics but no pricing info or how the system works is available yet
  • no plans for crossplay at launch
  • there will be a skill and point unlock system and players can respec
  • no dialog system when out in the open world
  • controller, mouse and keyboard will be supported on PC
  • there will be a colorblind mode
  • there may be loot underwater

Want to look for more? Check out Mark Darrah's Twitter account!


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