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BioWare's Casey Hudson LOVES Anthem & Hints at More Mass Effect & Dragon Age

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The latest BioWare studio update has been published. Penned by Casey Hudson, the letter talks about how hard the team is working to get Anthem ready to ship on February 22nd and about Hudson's own time spent in game during a recent "Play From Home" session. He writes of the signature things he finds in Anthem that are expected for a BioWare title, but also speaks about superheroic gameplay that makes him want to come back just for the "feel" of it.

The end of the letter features hope for fans of Mass Effect as well: "We announced one of the things we've done recently (4K enhancement to ME: Andromeda for XB1) but as we alluded to in our N7 Day video, that was just a small part of the plans we're making for Mass Effect going forward."

For Dragon Age fans, Hudson writes that more about "some secret Dragon Age stuff" will be revealed in the coming month, though he "won't tell [fans] where to look".

Lastly, for the SWTOR community: the "team is hard at work delivering ongoing entertainment -- envisioning new worlds and storylines that are some of the most ambitious and exciting that I've seen yet".

Read the full letter on the BioWare site.


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