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BioWare to Show Off Javelin Customization & the Forge During Stream Event Tomorrow

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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On Thursday, November 15th, Anthem fans can check into a special developer live stream event starting at 1:00 pm Pacific / 4:00 pm Eastern in the Anthem Twitch channel. During the stream, devs will be showing off how players can use the Forge to customize their Javelin exosuit. The stream will last approximately half an hour, so be sure to check in at the appointed time!

About Javelins via the Anthem Wiki:

Javelins are powered exosuits worn and piloted by Freelancers when venturing into world beyond Fort Tarsis. They grant their wearers superhuman capabilities and are heavily modifiable, allowing for a number of unique individual models.

The general design of javelins is influenced significantly by Shaper technology, and the exosuits are among humanity's most cutting-edge technologies. Javelins are meticulously handcrafted by Arcanists rather than mass-produced, and are subjects of reverence due to their extraordinary nature.


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