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BioWare Removing All Planned Multiplayer Elements From Next Dragon Age Game, Per Report

Back to its roots

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It looks like Dragon Age fans have something to be thankful for, as a new report says that EA is allowing BioWare to remove the planned multiplayer elements from their upcoming Dragon Age game.

According to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, EA has given BioWare the okay to strip away the upcoming Dragon Age's multiplayer components, bringing the studio back to its roots in making single-player RPGs. According to Schreier, the next Dragon Age was going to have some pretty extensive multiplayer elements, so the move is big for the Redwood, California based EA.

The report cites the reasoning as EA pivoting after the company "was stung by a recent multiplayer flop." Yesterday, development on improvements to Anthem - another BioWare game only multiplayer - was officially canceled, transitioning into maintenance mode as a live service. It stands to reason that the publisher looked at Anthem's success and made the decision to allow BioWare to get back to what the studio was known for, which was high quality single-player story driven RPGs. 

There is no mention in the report as to whether or not the next Dragon Age will include microtransactions seen in many of EA's games, as well as other single-player RPGS out there. But, removing the multiplayer portion and just allowing the developer to focus in on the storytelling and single-player story has got to be a breath of fresh air for Dragon Age fans all around.


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