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BioMutant Will Be Available on GeForce Now on Launch May 25th

Steven Weber Posted:
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Excited for the launch of Biomutant but not quite sure if your PC can run it? Well, you just happen to be in luck, because it was recently announced the Biomutant will be available on GeForce Now when the game launches May 25th!

Biomutant is shaping up to be one of the most unique games in 2021, and whether you’re itching to battle it out with Wung-Fu or delve deep into your psionic mutations to dispatch foes, one thing you won’t have to think about is whether your PC can run the game, now that you can let GeForce Now lighten the load.  The Head of PR for THQ Nordic commented on the addition of the game to the cloud platform by saying:

“We love that GeForce NOW will help introduce even more players to this ever-evolving furry creature and its lush game world. Now players can discover everything we have in store for them, even if their PC isn’t the latest and greatest.”

-Florian Emmerich, head of PR at THQ Nordic

A welcome sentiment if ever there was one. Biomutant is the long-awaited title from Experiment101 and THQ Nordic. It gives players the ability to choose from 6 different breeds of creature, with 5 different class designations, each with their own specialty. Experiment101 believes that no two main characters will end up exactly alike, as they craft new weapons and items and evolve their abilities. Your customized creature will dive into an epic adventure to save a… tree.  

The expansive game will be playable on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and X|S, and PC including GeForce Now. GeForce Now will provide playability on other platforms that may not be as accessible as well, such as Chromebooks, Macs, or your mobile device or tablet.  


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