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Big Path of Titans Update Adds New Gondwa Island, Including First Flying and Aquatic Dinosaurs

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Dinosaur survival MMO Path of Titans has a new beta update, along with a new trailer to show off some of the new content.

Developer Alderon Games is Australia-based, and they’ve brought on Robert Irwin, son of Steve, and wildlife TV personality in his own right, to narrate the new trailer. 

The update itself features the new island map of Gondwa, along with some new dinosaurs, of course. The new additions include the pterosaur Thalassodromeus and plesiosaur, Kaiwhekea. Both of these dinosaurs represent a new chapter in Path of Titans, being the first fully airborne creature in the game and the first fully aquatic dinosaur in the game. With the arrival of a new island, both of these new dinosaur types fit perfectly. 

In fact, they’re currently only enabled on Gondwa, so you’ll have to begin there if you want to take to the air or water for now. Gondwa is inspired by Mediterranean islands, with influences taken from across terrain, including the water, cliffs, canyons, and even hidden spaces, bays and inlets. 

There are other dinosaurs in this big update too, including Pycnonemosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus, which means there are now 30 dinosaurs to choose from in the sandbox. But if you’re looking to fly around the new terrain or explore underwater, now you can do just that, including exploring in places previously impossible, like under the water or high places above.

Your characters on Panjura and Gondwa will remain separate for now on the official servers, and there are no transfers just yet. This is set to be a future addition. However, the game will let you transfer from Panjura to Gondwa on community servers. They’ve stated they’ll continue work on the feature for both official and community servers. 

There are also some other new features in the update, including a simplified Waystone system. The team also calls attention to the results of months of optimization work using the features and tech of Unreal Engine 5. These are not simply visual, but help increase stability too.

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