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Big Changes Coming to Major Game Systems

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Landmark team has posted a pair of blogs that feature an extensive look at big changes coming to the game later this month. Players can expect a server wipe after the application of the patch, as well as alterations in Crafting & Harvesting and Achievement & Progression.

To facilitate ease in tracking achievements, and based on player feedback, several alterations will be implemented including:

  • a more structured and focused look at overall achievement progress
  • recipes will be tracked from within the Journal as opposed to a separate Recipe Tracker System
  • all non-recipe achievements are tracked under one heading
  • combat progression has been added with tons of new achievements
  • non-progression vanity items can be earned through achievements

In addition, players can expect to see alterations to the UI and an overhaul to the tutorial system.


The blog gives out much, much more detail, so head to the Landmark forum to check it out and to read up on changes to Crafting & Harvesting as well.



Suzie Ford

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