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Better Performance, Less Lag & Improved Combat the Priority

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The latest State of the Crusade has been published for Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade that lays out the most recent happenings for the game. Of particular note is the priority list that provides information about the most crucial aspects of the game on which developers are focused. In this case better performance, less lag and improved combat take center stage.

Other features the team is continuing to develop are:

  • new world map
  • heroes & new customization options
  • combat balance
  • server and client optimization

Also, for game Founders, there is this interesting note:

We need numbers, sure, but first it’s those that brought us here. If you were a paying customer before the launch of the progression restricted free version, this is our thank you to you:

  • 20,000 RTC ($20) that you get once when you log in after Content Update 1.3
  • A Steam giftable Squadron Edition with 25,000 RTC ($20) as soon as it’s possible with Steam
  • The Venerable Weapon set is no longer available, unique to you
  • 4 x 4000 Faction RTC when you log in, as free launch weekend exposed some glass roofs
  • The Imperium Edition changed to a DLC so you can buy it once despite owning the game, giving 50% off 4 DLCs and 25K RTC ($100 at $50)

Check out the full Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade newsletter.

Also, don't forget today's live stream event at 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern. Be prepared to talk Orks!


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