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Bethesda's Fallout 76 AMA Discusses Camps, Roadmap, and More

Energy weapons, endgame, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Bethesda recently held an AMA for Fallout 76 where they discussed camps, a roadmap, and more.

The AMA was held over on Reddit. First up, regarding camps, one user specifically asked what the team is planning for the camp system. Bethesda replied that the dev team wants them, however,

“But just flat out increasing the budget would have real significant performance ramifications. So it's a balancing act. But we plan on doing some very fun things with CAMPs in 2020.”

A roadmap was also touched on, with another user straight up asking the team when we should plan on seeing a roadmap. The team responded that a roadmap is currently being worked on and we should see one “very soon” which will contain content for the rest of the year. No date was given for when we would expect to see the roadmap, however.

Energy weapon balance was a topic hit on as well, especially compared to ballistic weapons, cost to craft and maintain them, and more. Bethesda responded,

“Great questions! As we’ve mentioned, we are looking to re-balance the entire game, or “normalize”, later this year. This will eliminate a lot of the rough edges in how our zoning system works, create a more measured and balanced experience for players of all levels. We’re looking at everything, not just combat.”

Additionally, it looks like the imminent updates will focus on end game, but remain story-driven at its core. Thanks for the tip, StarzAreBlind!


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