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Bethesda's E3 2019 Showcase - ESO, Blades, FO 76 & Trailers Galore & More

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It's E3 2019 and the annual show is off with a bang. This afternoon, Bethesda took center stage with its line up of games and announcements. We've got all the big news from Bethesda, so hop through the jump to check out what was said. Keep refreshing because we're live blogging!

"Without you, there is no game. You keep us in check and we appreciate that. Through all of it, you're always there with us. Your feedback sometimes challenges us, but it forces us to keep challenging ourselves."

"We see you because we ARE you. We are all Bethesda!"

Elder Scrolls Blades is the second straight #1 mobile game after Fallout Shelter. Solo Arena Battles, a custom jewelry system and a dragon questline are being released into the game to celebrate E3. It's coming out tonight. Guilds, PvP are coming this fall. 

Elder Scrolls Blades is coming to Nintendo Switch later in 2019 as a free to download and play game. It is crossplay and cross-progression between mobile and Switch.

Fallout 76 is up next. Wastelanders is coming next and "it will fundamentally change the game". Wastelanders will be free for all players. Human NPCs are coming. A full quest line, full dialog trees and much more. It is a long term story that will be told. Year 2 is about people coming back to reclaim the world. These characters have their own stories and goals. Wastelanders is coming this fall.

There will be a free Fallout 76 trial starting June 10th and lasting through June 17th. The trial is coming with a new game mode.  It's a battle royale mode with up to 52 players and its own types of rewards throughout. Nuclear Winter debuts this week!

Tango Gameworks is making a new game called Ghostwire Tokyo. It's an action adventure game where players fight supernatural evil and deal with paranormal activities. People are vanishing in Tokyo and players must find out why and save humanity. Players will meet spirits -- some dangerous, some kind. "Is it normal? Is it paranormal?"

Elder Scrolls Online is up next, starting with the big news that over 13.5M players have tried the game since launch. More server capacity has been added to support all the new players that have joined lately. 

Orion is a new and upcoming technology that works with any game engine that works with cloud-based streaming platforms. It is designed to improve gaming no matter what service is used. It is based at the engine level to make streaming games faster and better and reduces the cost for players and publishers. DOOM 2016 is being streamed at the highest settings at 60 fps without latency.

Join SlayersClub.com to try out streaming DOOM 2016 using Orion.

DOOM Eternal story trailer trailer revealed. DOOM Eternal will also feature Battlemode multiplayer. Two player controlled demons take on one Slayer. DOOM Eternal is releasing on November 22, 2019.


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