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Bethesda Launching Fallout Worlds In September, Brings Paid, Customizable Servers To Fallout 76

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Bethesda is bringing Fallout Worlds, new customizable servers to Fallout 76 this September, which will allow players to change their rulesets and make the Appalachia they've always wanted to experience.

Fallout 76's new servers will only be available to purchase if you've got a Fallout 1st subscription, but non-subscribers can still join and play on other servers, according to the announcement on the Bethesda blog. The team at Bethesda is bringing two new types of custom server: public and, well, custom, with the public versions being a rotation of developer-made Worlds with custom rulesets for players to enjoy. 

For those who do decide to get their own custom server, you can tweak things in the rule set from Free Building, Infinite Ammo for players, weather effects, unlimited combat AP and more.

Fallout 76 players can actually get a taste of the new server types through the PTS starting, well, now actually. Fallout 76's custom ruleset servers aren't slated to go live until September, with no set date announced just yet. Fallout 76 players can jump into the recently released Steel Reign chapter, though, seeing the story arc of the Brotherhood of Steel continue in the survival MMO.


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