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Bethesda Forced to Refund Fallout 76 in Australia, Halloween Event Caused Crashes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Bethesda will have to issue refunds to select customers, according to the Australian government. Meanwhile, early impressions of the Fallout 76 Halloween event appears to cause crashes.

In a media post, the ACCC explained that ZeniMax told gamers that they weren’t entitled to a refund after those gamers experienced issues with Fallout 76.

“ZeniMax has acknowledged that they are likely to have misled certain Australian consumers about their rights to a refund when they experienced faults with their Fallout 76 game.”

The refunds apply for consumers who requested one between November 24, 2018 and June 1, 2019. In order for the ACCC to consider a refund, a product must be first contain faults constituting a “major failure.”

“When a consumer has purchased a product that has a fault which amounts to a major failure, the Australian Consumer Law provides them with the right to ask for their choice of either a repair, replacement or refund.”

Meanwhile, there have been reports that Fallout 76’s Halloween event was broken, causing the game to crash,

“This event is really fun, but it SUCKS! because it crashes the game and you end up missing the end of the event you waited an hour to do.... at least the rewards arent as cool as faschnacht/ meat week.. so no need* to try to collect all of them... at least i got the pirate outfit on my 2nd completion. But I've had the game lock up and crash on me more than 5 times, and I've only finished the event 4 or 5 times....”

The responses corroborate some lag and crashes on PS4 and Xbox. However, it looks like these issues may have cleared up, as the OP continues,

“Edit: I've been having better luck today, standing further away from un-exploded cars. That really seems to help. And I actually enjoy the rewards ????. I was just REALLY hoping for some masks like the faschnacht ones.. I'm a bit sore about that ??”


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