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Beta Tester's Impressions

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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The Dark and Light community site has posted a "first impressions" writeup from a beta tester.  The subject is the latest beta release and a couple of screens are even included.

THERE it is, the beta update is available on the patcher... I start downloading it with excitement. As usual, I download as fast as I can... After 30 minutes, I've read the patch notes and I'm ready to launch the game. We switched from version 0.80.19 to version 0.81.21.

Once I'm in the game, I rush in to test everything. I notice that my level is not the same as the last time I logged in. I'm now lv5. The levelling is globally the same as before. It is represented by 10 coloured blocks, and once they are full, I get 1/10 of level in my progress bar. First change: no more experience points, but a percentage instead. It's much more convenient. I immediately test the first new feature: pet summoning. Now we can summon pets for a price. Sadly, I don't have much money, so I can summon only 2 pets: skeletons. We can tell them to do nothing, to defend themselves, to protect us or to attack everything on sight. I can also tell them to attack a specific target. I can also rent dodos for a price.

When I'm on level 10, I rent a dragon. Again, I need to pay, but it's worth it. Flying is a real pleasure. Unfortunately, dragons are harder to find than dodos.

After testing dragon flight, I explore the surroundings. I come across three new creatures:

  • Mages, who attack on sight and hurt really bad
  • Sad Shul, some kind of specters
  • Lizard men, some kind of reptilian humanoids. I'm sure there are other monsters hidden somewhere, but after 2 days of testing, I didn't have the time to find them yet.

Now I try a bit of PvP with other people who have the same alignment as mine, attacking unsuspecting players of the opposite alignment. In the list of commands, we spot several options for group management. I invite my two fellows in my group, and we go to war. We are glad to see that when we kill somebody, the experience is split between all the group members, even if a pet kills the enemy. We have a specific channel to chat between group members.

This patch brings its share of good surprises and bugs, but from what the devs said, many of these bugs have already been solved internally.

Click here to read the post and see the screen shots at the Dark and Light community website.


Reed Hubbard