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Craig McGregor Posted:
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GamerGod.com has posted their 6th EQII Beta Journal:

Back at the Arcane Academy I stood with pride in front of the Professor on the school steps.

"I see you've done well, Demi. I can sense the elements you've brought back for me in your bag. Very well, hand them over and we will get to your next step in this transformation from mage to.... Well that does bring up the question doesn't it?"

"What will you choose? I know you must understand the 3 choices and their separate powers. There is a local woman who sells ink in this town. She is a very smart business woman and knows she has a monopoly of the ink in town, especially for those of us who require special inks for our scrolls."

"Go to this woman. Use your superior knowledge and wisdom and convince her to sell me ink at a cheaper rate. No member of the arcane should have to tolerate such price gouging."

You can read this full journal at this link

They have also posted the 10th installment to their ongoing interview with EQII developers.  Here is a bit from that:

GamerGod - We've heard that there will be "uber mob" content early on in EQ2 that will last up through the end game. Will mobs automatically increase in difficulty to give higher levels a challenge that attempt to attack them for "farming" purposes or will there be some level limitation as we saw with Nagafen and Vox in later expansions of EQ. Or, will that be a part of the game feature, to simply gain power and kill the low end "uber mobs" that once "owned us" in earlier levels?

EQ2 Dev Team - Encounters are generally designed with a specific level range in mind. If your group or raid attacks an encounter that you significantly outmatch in level, you will receive no rewards for defeating it.

Read the full interview at this link.


Craig McGregor