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Beta Delayed 'Between Days and Weeks' - Adherence to EU Regulations Caused Some Delay

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During today's Camelot Unchained livestream, City-State Entertainment devs announced that the anticipated July 4th start of the game's beta is going to be delayed "between days and weeks". According to our own Tim Eisen, "They said they could call it beta and put it out but it's not 100% what they promised. They need time to get the crash rate down a pinch and a small amount of polish. They said if they didn't have to do the new euro regulations, they feel they would have hit it".

Lastly, Tim said that the developers' "demeanor was calm, confident and good" with no signs of worry or stress.

If you want to check the replay, check out the Camelot Unchained Twitch replay below.

Watch Beta 1 Update from Mark - Camelot Unchained - 7/2/2018 from citystategames on www.twitch.tv


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