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Beta Begins for Tale 2

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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Although the official website remains notably silent (aside from a line announcing that, "The End of our first Tale in the Desert is near!"), subscribers to the ATITD newsletter received word that beta for A Tale in the Desert II began Tuesday at noon eastern for those with a paid ATITD account and for those who subscribe to FilePlanet.

As I write this, A Tale in the Desert is approaching it's conclusion. Collectively, this community has spent over two million hours building this "perfect society", everything from the most humble camps to great monuments that will live through future tales in the desert. Like a traditional society we've wrestled with questions about law, about trading freedom for security. We've pondered the best way to deal with troublemakers. We've created true art, and have become art critics. We've designed puzzles to challenge each other, and become aficianados of those puzzles. I've watched as players have grown from novices to respected members of this world.

Great stories, ones that I never could have predicted, have unfolded, to my delight and surprise. And before long, it will all end.

That is, ATITD I will end with the 7 Tests, which will make way for ATITD II.  The e-mail has been posted on fansites, including ATITD.net.  You may click here to read the letter in its entirety.


Reed Hubbard