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Beta 2 Going Bye-Bye

Mark McKay Posted:
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The final Beta#2 session will be:

Saturday, 9/28/2002 from 10:00AM EST (GMT-0500) until 10:00PM

They've got a bunch of stuff to pack into the 12 hours. The approximate
schedule is:

10:00AM Session opens
11:00AM Preparing for the Journey: This is a chance for
well equipped players to pack their welcome
banner for the move to Beta#3.
12:00AM The Offering to Ra. Consider this the final grand
contest of Beta#2.
4:00PM The first Test of Pyrotechnics, at the newly
designed Shooting Star Park.
6:00PM Beta#2 awards ceremony.
8:00PM Amnesty! What did The Stranger do? Who trashed
the WoA camp? What's the real story behind
King Octec? Also, a special cabbage growing
9:30PM Closing ceremony/party.

You will love the "prizes".
After this session, They'd like everyone to do them one huge favor: Write up
a journal entry summarizing your experience in Beta#2, and post it to
http://www.atitd.info/journals. If you had fun, think of it as payment for
the 400 or so hours of play sessions we did during Beta#2.
After this session, they're going to spend 4-6 weeks coding all sorts of
new stuff for Beta#3, which will open with a single 168-hour play session.

Standard Stuff:
Missed a few sessions? Stay current by reading player journals at
Visit our official chat channel before the session: irc.stratics.com
port 6667 channel #ATITD.
Client software can be found on our web site (www.ataleinthedesert.com,
Downloads section). New users can make up any username and password to
create an account.


Mark McKay