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Become a Captain, Name, and Customize Your Ship When Sea of Thieves Season Seven Arrives July 21st

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This past weekend’s Xbox & Bethesda Showcase included some big developments for Sea of Thieves. Season Seven will start on July 21st, and Rare will let you finally buy, name, and customize a ship now that you’ll be able to become a captain.

There’s a new trailer for Season Seven, giving a peek at some of what’s coming, with a characteristically rousing shanty. When they say name and customize, they promise that this will feature a ton of options to do so. 

We should expect to get more info pretty soon about just what all of the options that will open up in just about a month will look like, but the trailer already does emphasize some of what’s possible. Expect things like changing the color of your curtains, your wall decorations, and your type of furniture and style. Customization is sure to be a big one, as Sea of Thieves already has many ways to add your own flavor to your pirate adventures, but this takes things up a level.

In addition to becoming a pirate captain, there are also some other features coming with the new season. There’s a new cash-in points system revealed in the trailer. It hasn’t been revealed as to how it will all work, but options are options. There will be some new progression rewards coming too.

Sea of Thieves has reached the 30 million player milestone, and with this, there will be another round of bonuses this coming weekend. Beginning on June 17th, there will be double gold and a Renown bonus for a Gold & Glory weekend. 

It’s still June though, and there’s plenty still to come, the team says. With the previous Adventure, Lost Sands, ending with the community saving Golden Sands Outpost, a new Adventure, “The Forsaken Hunter” is coming later in the month to close out the season.

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