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Beat RuneScape's Latest Boss in a New Way in The Croesus Front

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RuneScape continues the Elder God Wars with the introduction of the first boss fight you'll strategize and win not with weapons or combat skills, but with skills. The Croesus Front, the first skilling boss fight, introduces a creature inspired by nature, resembling plants and what looks like a little inspiration from a creepy fungus. 

Croesus can't be killed. You can only subdue it. When it attacks, your skill levels will go down, so you'll have to act quickly. So how will you be able to take down this boss and win the fight? Well, there will be special nodes all around that you'll be able to use your mining, hunting, fishing, and woodcutting skills to strike. Being that this is something new, and based on skills, going into this fight means that players will not die. Defeat happens if you're drained of so much skill that you're removed. If the boss isn't defeated within the time limit, that counts as a loss too. You can bring up to 50 on your side to this fight, without skill requirements to participate. There is, however, a recommended level of 80 in gathering skills to be able to make an impact.

Your rewards for beating Croesus will vary based on just how much effort it took to get it done and your team size. For a large group, the battle will probably end faster, but the rewards will change and be better if you can go in with a smaller, leaner team, and get the job done. However you decide to approach the fight, if your team's skills prove to be at championship level, winning the fight will unlock some potential spoils like a tier 90 magic tank armor, seed bag,  and the Bik God Book. There's even a boss pet (which is seen in the trailer). You'll also be able to grab two level-80 skilling off-hands, Tagga's Core Hammer and Sana's Frytorch, which boost the speed of mining minerals and woodcutting, respectively, when equipped.

The Croesus Front is live today in RuneScape on both PC and mobile. Jagex has even provided some tips.


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