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BDO To Receive Brand New Life Skill Mastery System

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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In a post on the Black Desert Online community forums, Community Manager Yukimura announced the rollout of the Life Skill Mastery system.

The rollout is set to begin on September 4. The post reads,

“Life Skill Mastery will extend the depth of the exciting Life Skill-related content by adding a new value to current Life contents. Life Skill Mastery will depend on a character's Life Skill Level. Hence, the higher the Life Skill Level, the larger the Life Skill Mastery will be.

Adventurers can further enhance their character’s Life Skill Mastery by using Life Skill accessories and gears that will be newly added along with the update. Three different grades of Life Skill items will be added successively, allowing adventurers to enjoy a variety of benefits that they could not experience before. Based on the Life Skill Mastery achieved, productivity can be increased through mass processing, and adventurers will be able to obtain higher and more valuable rewards through activities such as Gathering and Fishing.

PS: At the moment there are no further details about this new system, but we can't wait to show more in the following days via our official website and forums.”

Check out the post and responses here.


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