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BDO Free Weekend For Xbox Live Gold Accounts

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Black Desert Online will have a free play weekend for anyone with an Xbox Live Gold account.

Times for the event are below:


North American Time Zones

Thursday, August 15th, 02:00 AM (PDT) ~ Sunday, August 18th 09:59 PM (PDT) 

Thursday, August 15th, 05:00 AM (EDT) ~ Monday, August 19th 12:59 AM (EDT) 

European Time Zones

Thursday, August 15th 09:00 AM (UTC) ~ Monday, August 19th 04:59 AM (UTC)

Thursday, August 15th 11:00 AM (CEST) ~ Monday, August 19th 06:59 AM (CEST)

Additionally, the game will be discounted during the weekend should you choose to purchase it.

North America Prices

Standard Bundle : $29.99 → $20.99 (30% Off)

Deluxe Bundle: $49.99 → $34.99 (30% Off)

Ultimate Bundle: $99.99 → $49.99 (50% Off)

European Prices

Standard Bundle: €29.99 → €20.99 (30% Off)

Deluxe Bundle: €49.99 → €34.99 (30% Off)

Ultimate Bundle: €99.99 → €49.99 (50% Off)


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