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Battlestate Games Lays Out the Plan for 2018

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Battlestate Games has published a lengthy developer note to let the community know the plans going forward into 2018. There are a number of features and milestones that the team plans to meet throughout the year including fixing performance issues and squashing the majority of bugs that are currently present.

Major features being added and / or worked on in 2018 include:

  • bug fixing
  • optimization of network code
  • optimization of game performance
  • prepare the client for open beta testing
  • new Interchange location to be added along with new quests, weapons, and other gear
  • time-consuming magazine loading
  • medical supplies, food and other consumable animations to be added
  • off-raid treatment and parameters of recovery
  • smoke grenades
  • under barrel grenade launchers
  • ammo quality
  • improvement of medical consumables
  • new skills
  • Scav leaders
  • personal quests
  • flea market
  • the addition of VoIP
  • alteration of character appearances
  • new location exits
  • Hideout system
  • arena

This is a partial list, according to the post, but a good "start" for the year ahead.

You can read more of the details by visiting the Escape from Tarkov site.


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