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Battlerite Royale to Release in Steam Early Access on September 26th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Stunlock Studios has announced that Battlerite Royale will be released in Steam Early Access on September 26th. Players can get in on what developers call "Diablo meets Fortnite in one of the world's first MOBA Battle Royale" game for $19.99. 

Players will be able to choose from twenty different Champions, each with its own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Champions have been retooled for the Battlerite Royale game mode from their original iteration.

Why is Royale becoming a new title and not a mode?

Simply put, Royale became a significantly different experience compared to Arena. When working on Royale, it became obvious that sharing the same balance and philosophy as Arena restricted the possibilities within Royale. With the constraints from Arena limiting us, we made the decision to protect the integrity of both experiences and create a new game instead of a new game mode. Now after tuning and rebalancing champion kits, adding tons of cool items and consumables, revamping battlerites, and supporting this new experience with interface changes, new achievements, matchmaking, and ranking systems, we are getting closer to our vision.

Closed beta testing will be going on soon, with sign ups now open. You can learn more on the Battlerite Royale site.


Suzie Ford

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