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Battleborn, Gearbox's Hero Shooter-MOBA Hybrid, Officially Shut Down As Servers Go Offline

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Yesterday, Battleborn's servers were officially brought offline, bringing an end to the hero-shooter/MOBA hybrid, almost five years after its initial 2016 release.

Announced earlier last month via a tweet from 2K Games' Support Twitter account, Battleborn's servers would be deactivated on January 31st, taking with it not just the ability to play the multiplayer modes, but the single-player modes as well. Yesterday, the official Battleborn Twitter announced that the servers had been deactivated and the game was now shut down for good.

Battleborn had seemingly an uphill battle from the start, as it blended the hero shooter genre and the increasingly popular MOBA field to create a rather unique hybrid of the two. However, releasing around the same time as Overwatch, Blizzard's ultra popular hero shooter that is still going strong, seemed to doom the hybrid right out of the gates. Our review at the time praised the title for its fantastic cast of characters and progression, though it wasn't enough to keep players around for long and Battleborn entered maintenance mode just over a year after its release.


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