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Battle to Be A Light in the Dark as the Second Part of World of Warships Legends Halloween Begins

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The next phase of the Halloween event, A Light in the Dark, is here for console players in World of Warships Legends. This part promises to be just as action packed and rewarding as Saving Transylvania, but with a new focus -- and a lot of green plague clouds to contend with.

Transylvania has been saved, but the wide open portal remains to cause lots of chaos. You'll have three themed commanders to obtain (as a standalone purchase option or via crates) to help you fight back and guard the towers. The three themed commanders for this round are Clara N. Teslau, Ivan B.D. Lightful, and Nobusada E. Sano. 

If you're able to get down to business and get the portal closed, you'll be able to celebrate. The new scenario starts today and will run through November 4th. To earn a star in the battle and get rewarded, you'll need to 

  •     Defend two towers
  •     Defend Transylvania
  •     Destroy at least 22 enemy ships inside the Filth
  •     Destroy The Great Gorgon 
  •     Destroy Rasputin

for each star you earn, up to five. So you'll want to get in there and tackle these tasks fast, because the more stars you get, the better the rewards. If you're able to make it through the Filth, the green noxious cloud, defeat the enemies and again, get the portal closed, you can look forward to rewards like 5x green camouflages for one star, 3x premium account days for two stars, all the way up to a five star haul of a brand new ship, a tier III Bellerophon.

For more on the second part of the Halloween event for World of Warships: Legends, you can check out the event post, which details the tasks, your allies, weapons, and of course, all the rewards and loot at stake.


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