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Battle Statues of Past Champions for Anniversary Loot As Albion Online Marks Five Years

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After teasing an event via a mysterious disappearing statues post this week, the details are out on just how Albion Online will be marking its fifth anniversary. Those statues do come into play, in a way you might not have expected, along with anniversary loot.

The mysterious statues that started to disappear were all of previous  conquerors and champions, so the developers at Sandbox Interactive decided to turn those revered champion statues into your enemies to fight on the battlefield.

“Living Legacy” is the name of the anniversary event, and the statues out in the open world are definitely taking it literally. The event starts today and runs through July 28th, giving everyone two weeks to rack up some of the rewards and have some fun. Log in anytime between now and then and you’ll get mail with a Fifth Anniversary Avatar and Avatar Ring.

As part of the fun, these statues you’ll find in the open world come in three different tiers of both difficulty and rarity. Construct of the Ages are mid-level and even soloable. They won’t appear on the map. Colossus of the Ages are visible on the local map and more difficult than Constructs. Titan of the Ages can be seen on the world map, and are ready for groups ready for a challenge. They're world events, in other words. Of course, the more difficult, the better the rewards.

Some of the anniversary items that can drop from the statues after you defeat them include the new Fifth Year Horse skin,  a vanity weapon skin, Chromacannon, which lets you create some fireworks, and Anniversary Cake, which will give you a 15% non-PvP Fame boost for 30 minutes when consumed. 

There's also a Twitch Drop, Fifth Anniversary Carpet, available for those who watch tomorrow’s special anniversary stream, which will happen at 19:00 UTC / 3PM ET over at the Albion Online Twitch channel.

For more, see the anniversary announcement over at Albion Online.


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