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Battle of the Bricks To Feature CCP and Cloud Imperium Up in a Friendly Ship-Building Challenge for Charity

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Star Citizen and EVE Online are partnering up. CCP Games and Cloud Imperium Games are taking each other on in friendly competition for a special charity event for Extra Life, a charity that supports children’s hospitals. Battle of the Bricks will feature a streamed competition live next week, with the overall fundraiser lasting through this year.

The ongoing fundraiser partnership we'll see each team try building replicas of ships from both MMOs during the live stream while also completing challenges. These challenges can include things like eating hot chili peppers, telling embarrassing stories, or showing photos. 

The donation page, which has more detail on the whole charitable event,  is already open via Tiltify, and the event will be next Friday, July 22nd on Star Citizen Twitch starting at 1 p.m. Eastern /10 a.m. Pacific. Both teams will build ships and stream it live. 

Both EVE Online and Star Citizen had their communities contribute to which ships would be considered, and the featured ships are the Primae from EVE Online and the Banu Merchantman from Star Citizen.

As different fundraising and donation milestones are met, CCP and Cloud Imperium reps will spin a wheel to determine  which challenge the teams will take on next. These activities could involve eating something gross, being blindfolded during the challenge, some kind of sabotage, and more.  The full list of possible challenges will be revealed during the stream. 

There were so many submissions and the event, which began as a friendly challenge on Twitter from Cloud Imperium to CCP, is now coming to life. Communities are known to have helped with charitable fundraisers in the back, so this is another chance to give back.The fundraiser will last through the end of the year (December 31, 2022), and all money raised will go to Extra Life, who will distribute it to Children's Miracle Network to help kids. 

Find out more on the Battle of the Bricks.


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