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Battle for Lion's Arch Trailer & Living World Atlas Arrive

Suzie Ford Posted:
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ArenaNet has released a brand new trailer, "Battle for Lion's Arch", that sets the stage for the next Guild Wars 2 Living Story update that will see players preparing for war against Scarlet Briar and her minions. The battle will be an epic one for the survival and revival of the venerable city of Lion's Arch. In addition, ArenaNet has released the "Living World Atlas" to help players review the history of the events that are only now unfolding.

One leg of that journey is the Guild Wars 2 “Living World Atlas,” an interactive site designed to lead fans through a process of discovery that illustrates the game’s current living world storyline. It’s a narrative that began more than a year ago when players first recognized Scarlet as the enemy, seeing her become a major threat to Tyria and ultimately rally an army of dark allies to attack Lion’s Arch. Through the “Living World Atlas,” users explore this storyline as it unfolded in the game through videos, art, screenshots, audio clips and other content. They also uncover new content from the coming release “Battle for Lion’s Arch,” getting glimpses into what exactly is Scarlet’s nefarious aim, and how her plan may play out come March 4.

Check out the Living World Atlas at the link above and find out more about the next update, Battle for Lion's Arch, on the Guild Wars 2 site.

The Living World Atlas - Hunt Down the Clues!


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