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Battle Enemies and Protect Allies as the Paladin Arrives in Elyon, Along With Some Events, New Gear, and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Elyon is adding the new Paladin class in its latest update. The update also brings some balance changes, a new Mana Awakening season, new gear, and a series of tweaks to dungeons and other content.

The update makes many changes and start several events, but at the center of it is the arrival of the Paladin class. The Paladin uses a Long Sword and Holy Shield and can deal damage, but also protect their allies when needed. The Paladin’s arrival also opens a couple of new events, including the arrival of Twitch drops (through June 6th),  andthe Paladins of the Holy Trinity event, a competition in each region honoring the first three Paladins to reach level 48. Those lucky players will get items and the exclusive title "Holy Trinity”. 

The Mana Awakening season has been reset, and the new season arrives, called Month of the Balance. The new season means that certain imprints were changed or removed, and everyone will start over, but now at level 1, you’ll be able to pick one Transcendent Imprint, and a new one every 10 mana levels. Honor Points have also been reset for the dawn of a new season.

There's some new gear, a new equipment item called Armlets, which will fit in the gloves style slot and can be enhanced for better stats. The other new equipment piece is called Artifacts, there's a random effect that you can add or increase according to enhancement level. Get these from certain raids and challenges, like Breath bosses beyond the Mana Wall.

Other changes affect class balance, runestone slots, dungeons, and other adjustments to monsters and challenges. This includes updates to rewards from the Hall of Challenges, and Gold Box gold being doubled. A change to the matchmaking system will now let you find teams in a Realm-agnostic way so you can find a team faster. If you are matched with players from the other Realm, you leave the party when you leave the dungeon.

For more on the extensive list of changes and events in this  week’s update, head to Elyon


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