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Bastard's Wound DLC Released

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Tyranny has been updated with the release of the Bastard's Wound DLC ($14.99) as well as a free update for all players to improve game and expand story content that makes replaying the game a priority. 

This expansion adds a new region, the titular Bastard's Wound, a hidden corner of the Tiers where the castoffs and refugees of Kyros' conquest struggle to survive.

Bastard's Wound is available on PC, Mac and Linux systems. You can learn more on the Tyranny site.

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Bastard’s wound makes no profound changes to Tyranny. It provides a small amount of content with just as many paths to choose as you’d expect from Tyranny. Players shouldn’t expect to be blown away by plot twists or profound discoveries, except maybe by some of the companion stories which are the best part of the expansion. Bastard’s Wound is a great addition for players who are thinking about picking up the game with the DLC. Player’s who have played Tyranny may find Bastard’s Wound disappointing as it does nothing to expand the primary plot beyond where they’ve already been. This was an unfortunate missed opportunity for new enemies to be introduced and elevate Bastard’s Wound beyond being simply a solid dose of sidequests. Nonetheless, it is still a rich experience, and it is hard to go wrong with adding more Tyranny to Tyranny.


Suzie Ford

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