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Basic Repair Kits & New Camera Functionality Added in Latest Fallout 76 Update

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The latest Wild Appalachia patch has been added to Fallout 76. The patch includes Basic Repair Kits added to the Atomic Shop, Improved Repair Kits added to the drop tables in-game, several balance adjustments and the new ProSnap Deluxe Camera. Players will need to find and equip the camera "to snap photos more easily than ever before". It also comes with the Bucket List quest that sends players off on an adventure to complete camera-specific challenges.

Repair Kits are consumable items that can repair items to 100% (Basic) or 150% (Improved). The Basic Repair Kit can be purchased in the Atomic Shop using Atoms either purchased with real world cash or through Atoms earned through gameplay. Improved Repair Kits are a rare drop in-game only. Neither kit can be "dropped, crafted, traded or sold".

The dev team also provided some thoughts about utility items in the Atomic Shop:

First, thank you to everyone in the Fallout 76 community who took the time to share their feedback and concerns about adding a utility item like Repair Kits to the Atomic Shop. Over the past couple weeks, we’ve examined all the feedback and today we want to share our thinking when it comes to these types of items and how they relate to the Atomic Shop. When we originally announced the Atomic Shop last year, we said that it will not provide anything that offers a competitive advantage. We remain committed to that statement and take it into account when we evaluate every new item that we bring to the Shop, both now and in the future.

While Repair Kits do offer a way to fix an item in the field, we feel you will find that they are a convenient option you can utilize during your adventures. If we find that Repair Kits do offer any sort of competitive advantage once they are available, we will make any changes necessary to ensure that advantage is removed.

Aside from purchasing Atoms, you can also unlock Basic Repair Kits using Atoms you’ve earned from Challenges. Additionally, the more powerful Improved Repair Kits will not be available in the Shop and can be earned by completing in-game content, like killing the Scorchbeast Queen.

You can check out the full patch notes on the Fallout 76 / Bethesda site.


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