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Basic & Combat Stat Changes Subject of New Q&A

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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As part of a running series of Q&A sessions with players about upcoming changes to Tree of Savior, the team has published a new look at how basic and combat stats will be altered. Questions cover a range of topics with detailed answers that include graphs and statistics and more.

 How will stats be organized and how will the stat system work?

STR, INT, CON, SPR and DEX will continue to form the set of basic stats that you can freely increase using the points you receive every time you level up. These basic stats, combined with the influence of your level, rank, items, buffs, etc. will contribute along with the variables of your physical attack, magic attack, accuracy, critical rate, etc. to form your final combat stats.

You can read more about incoming Combat System Changes on the Tree of Savior site.


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