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Base Classes & Abilities Unveiled

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 The Ashes of Creation site has been updated with a look at four of the game's eight base classes and a sprinkling of their abilities The classes shown today are Mage, Cleric, Ranger and Tank. Keep in mind that secondary classes will become a "thing" that leads to 64 unique combinations along with a great amount of customization.

@everyone Glorious Ashes Members... We are in the final moments of preparing the largest single release of information and gameplay ever seen of the game at PAX West.  As well as announcing several key dates and features, with additional developers and other key information this weekend.  I cannot tell you how excited the team is to get this large reveal of info out at PAX and show you the progress and state of the Pre-Alpha game.  As a small leak of some of the skills and images of our 4 playable archetypes here are the UI skill windows for the 4 archetypes at PAX. Stay tuned for videos and get ready to spread the word of Ashes.  Much love to you all <3<3<3

You can see each one below by clicking the image and you can check out the ongoing discussion on the Ashes of Creation Discord channel.

Check out this MMORPG.com forum thread for the discussion.




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