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Baptiste, the 30th Overwatch Hero, to Arrive In-Game on March 19th

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Blizzard has announced that the 30th Overwatch hero, Baptiste, will be arriving in-game on Tuesday, March 19th. Baptiste has been on the PTR where players have been testing out both is damage and healing skills. He is described as a combat medic that uses gadgets to both heal allies and damage enemies.

The Overwatch forum also has a pretty decent Q&A with the development team about both Baptiste's lore and gameplay.

I understand Baptiste’s ultimate is a double effect buff, but wouldn’t this mechanic be overpowered? For example, would certain abilities be able to one shot opponents while under Zenyatta’s or Lucio’s ultimate?

Josh Noh: The Amplification Matrix is a powerful ultimate that could potentially enable teammates to one shot an enemy. It does have its downsides too in that it only boosts projectiles, has a short duration, and holds a static position so enemies can simply avoid line of sight until the ultimate is over, making the timing of placing the Amplification Matrix very important. Sometimes it’s much stronger to use it for healing your allies!

Does Baptiste have any relationship with Sombra?

Alyssa Wong: Baptiste and Sombra met for the first time while both were working for Talon. Over time, they became good friends. Sombra likes to keep an eye on everything, but she’s also looking out for Baptiste, even though he left Talon. It’s always nice to see what her old buddy has been up to.


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