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Banquet of Blood Arrives

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Banquet of Blood

  • Summary: In a forgotten dungeon near Balder’s Refuge, Vampirs have gathered for an unholy ceremonial feast. After attacking a local cleric, the town requires aid to end the Vampirs’ reign of blood.
  • Vampir-slaying Skills: Arm yourself with special skills to hunt down and eliminate the Vampir threat.
  • Earn:  Creepy Miss Katonic Pet, Emote inducing Dance Bombs

Protect the Treats

  • Summary: Meanwhile in Eldritch Academy, horrifying creatures have breached the vaults to steal the students’ hard-earned candy.
  • Special Features: Use cannons to fight off waves of undead monsters to protect your treats, and earn Halloween Candy!
  • Earn: The better the player does, the more Halloween candy rewarded. Players can trade-in Halloween candy for costumes, accessories, and the exclusive ghost pet, Boo!

For more details on Banquet of Blood, and to start playing TERA for free today, head to the official website here: TERA-online.com.


Suzie Ford

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