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Banning Movie

Jon Wood Posted:
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Every now and again, a game releases information about a spree of bannings. RF Online has banned over 150 people for cheating. Not only that, but they made a movie about it! Next, they're setting their sights on people who have used RMT sites.


Dear fellow players,

a wave hit Novus today, spreading blood all over the planet. A week long investigation finally came to the point where i could reveal a specially hidden gift towards my good friends.

Xie Xie, for the time we spent together - good that it was so short.

When you read this message, more than 150 people are cursing at us, expressing their feelings when retuning to their bot running pcs to find their accounts banned.

In the next few days, following the 150 RMT accounts, we will be visiting YOU, atleast if You bought things from RMT traders. If You had to re-read the last sentence twice you might want to contact us via PM before we reach you. If you reveal the delivery guy, the price you paid including the RMT site and the date you recieved the money we can most likely work something out.

Yes, its easter - so you might want to get a little extra, atleast Ulric and myself thought so.

GM Ulric and GM Terablo after returning from the Ether Pub got into a bit of an argument

GM Ulric: My mau is sooo pimp, much pimper than your ride
GM Terablo: Hell no... my bmau is da bomb!!
GM Ulric, well guess what, my bmau is geting pimped out with a new gold plated bodykit with Alloy Joints
GM Terablo: no way, where wil you get enough gold for that??
GM Ulric, i found this cool group that wil sell me all the gold i need for only $300
GM Terablo : Cool, can i meet them
GM Ulric: Sure grab your bmau and lets go

... a few minutes later ...
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I would like to thank Ulric for his ideas regarding the musical background, his lyrics and the story board.

In the making of this movie no players where hurt - atleast none with active accounts.

GM Terablo

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Jon Wood