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Bandai Namco Says Blue Protocol is 'Continuing Development' and Promises An Announcement Next Week

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Blue Protocol is alive, with the first social media post in more than a year. Bandai Namco has also filed for a rating in Korea, sparking speculation that development is in an advanced state.

The official Blue Protocol Twitter account came alive with a new tweet just yesterday. The official account had not tweeted anything new since August of 2021. According to the translation from Google Translate, it reads:

“Regarding BLUE PROTOCOL, we are still continuing development toward the service release. We are sorry to keep you waiting, but we are preparing to announce the next development next week, so please wait for the follow-up report.”

Response to the tweet itself was positive, with over 14,000 retweets and 21,000 likes from those out there who are probably glad to see even an info update to promise an info update.

With the promise of an announcement next week, it just might be that the game makes a 2023 release after all. We just named it as one of the games we hope to play in 2023 and beyond, so this is certainly an encouraging sign, especially with signs on development looking promising.

Some context on these new developments come from Final Weapon, which has  info on the application for a PC rating in Korea, which they note is usually something that happens when a game is getting closer to completion.

Still, it looks like at least some kind of announcement will happen very soon, and then, we hope, that the team will keep us all posted a little more frequently. Blue Protocol is still planned for a global release, so after this long of a quiet period, maybe Bandai Namco is trying to get everyone’s hopes up again for the anticipated MMORPG. 

Yet, with the signs pointing to a good development milestone, we can be hopeful that whatever they announce next week won’t lead to another long silence. 


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