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Bandai Namco Has "No Plans" To Reportedly Bring Blue Protocol To The West

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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For fans looking forward to Bandai Namco's anime-styled MMO Blue Protocol, there might be some bad news as the Japanese developer reportedly has no plans to bring the game to the West.

Spotted by MassivelyOP, a new post by an admin on the Blue Protocol subreddit claims to have heard from Bandai Namco that the publisher has no plans to bring Blue Protocol to the West. 

"I've just received word from Bandai Namco that they have no plans for a western release at the moment. However, they also said that "this is subject to change", so there is still a chance that Blue Protocol will hit the western market in the future."  - Blue Protocol Subreddit Admin u/Furia_BD

Redditors have been quick to point out that this isn't surprising news, and while it took a game like Phantasy Star Online 2 to come to the West, it's finally doing so as announced back at E3 2019. So while Blue Protocol might not be heading to the West - it's not even out in Japan yet, so it would be a ways away as it is - Bandai Namco down the road and change their minds. 


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