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Baldur's Gate Patch 4 is Here Along With Druids

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Patch 4 for Baldur’s Gate 3 has arrived along with several changes and updates.

As previously reported, the Druid class is the main addition to Patch 4. The Druid comes with two subclasses called the Circle of the Moon and the Circle of the Land. Circle of the Moon allows you to morph into powerful new Wild Shapes like a polar bear. Circle of the Land, meanwhile, will see you receive a power relevant to the region and geography you’re connected to.

A whole bunch of spells are added for the Druid including Entangle, Flame Blade, Moonbeam, Produce Flame, Shillelagh, Thorn Whip, Barksin, Destroy Water, Enhance Ability, Flaming Sphere, Goodberry, Heat Metal, Protection From Poison, Spike Growth, and more.

The patch also brings a host of improvements, usability upgrades, and balancing changes including:

  • Locked Selûne’s fort supply room door. The key can now be found in <REDACTED>
  • Removed bonus action costs from herbs and mushrooms.
  • Bumped Devil's Sight to 24m to match Superior Darkvision.
  • Added Searing Smite to Zariel tieflings at level 3.
  • Stinking Cloud no longer affects items.

As a reminder, Patch 4 will invalidate your previous saves. Here’s how to keep playing on Patch 3.


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