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Baldur's Gate III - Release Pushed Back Until October 6th

Delayed, but Not for Long

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a statement released on twitter today, Larian Studios has stated that Baldur’s Gate III will now be pushed back a week from its original launch window, to October 6th. The delay is reportedly due to some stability problems they have encountered.

The delays are also to blame for some additional extensions needed on localization, which they aim to have in when the game hits early access. Despite the temporary delays, the team at Larian feels confident that they will be able to hit the target date of October 6th.

The news is bittersweet as those looking forward to hopping in at the end of November will have to wait an extra week, but with the delay, a more polished game will be available for them to play. Larian also mentioned a romance and companionship update that will be released later today, which will hopefully tide the downtrodden over for a little while longer as the developers get Baldur’s Gate III into early access shape. You can also read up on the last community update while you wait for more information to release later today.


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