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Baldur's Gate III Latest Community Update Talks Character Creation

Racing in Baldur's Gate III

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The latest Baldur’s Gate III community update goes into detail about character creation, and how the process of creating your character fundamentally changes the beginning of your journey.  The article also shows the process behind the creation of their photorealistic models.

Players will start by choosing their race, subrace, background, class, subclass and deity, all of which affect your upcoming adventure. Players will then be required to assign points to your 6 ability stats, Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma, before they select their starting skills. Finally, once you’ve laid the base for your character, you’ll begin customizing the appearance of your character, which can be very diverse.

The Early Access version of BG3 has 8 races with multiple subraces to choose from, and more are expected to be added later. There’s so much to read into when creating your character, but it’s all explained in detail on the steam update page. As with most of Larians updates, they end with a short Q&A session. Here are a few questions answered:

  • Will the respec option be a onetime thing or will it follow us through the game? Can we respec classes and races?We’re still trying out different ways of introducing respec so you’ll need to have a bit of patience before we’ll answer that question.
  • When we equip new armor, boots, amulets, rings, capes, do they show on our characters?Yes as you equip items they will show on characters and appear in game and during dialogues. Rings and Amulets do not appear.

The Baldur’s Gate III community updates are always a wealth of helpful information. Check out the last update that talks about romance and companionship. Baldur’s Gate III is going into early access October 6th.


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