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Baldur's Gate III Interview Provides New Details About the Upcoming Game

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The confirmation of Baldur's Gate III during yesterday's Google Stadia event has gotten fans of cRPGs pretty excited. While scant details were offered during the event, we do know a few more things about Larian's vision of the game thanks to an interview with US Gamer.

Here's what we gleaned from the interview:

  • there's no release window yet as developers "want to start a dialogue with fans"
  • player choice is central to the experience
  • players will interact with the environment to accomplish things similar to Divinity: Original Sin 2 where a lightning spell could be cast, for instance, across water to increase its effectiveness. "It'll be about more than just clicking which spell or ability you want to start using."
  • based on the fifth edition rules of D&D in order to "woo new and lapsed players to the series"
  • there will be callbacks to the first games, but Larian has its own vision for the series
  • set 100 years after the events of the first games
  • Mind Flayers will have a "big part to play in BG3". They are out to restore their Empire
  • Larian is using its own proprietary engine for the project with "significant upgrades"
  • definitely not coming in 2019

Read the full interview over at US Gamer.


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