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Baldur's Gate III - Community Update Talks Early Access

They've Released the Release Date

Steven Weber Posted:
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Following the Panel from Hell, Larian has released details about the Baldur’s Gate III Early Access. The community update goes into all the Early Access, from what characters players can meet, to the hours of gameplay you are expected to experience in the Early Access playthrough.

With such a detailed update, it would benefit Baldur’s Gate III fans to head over and check out the official post. For a quick overview, here are some hot takeaways:

  • Early Access begins September 30th
  • Players can expect to play about 20 – 25 hours’ worth of content
  • Multiplayer available, but no split screen (for now)
  • Custom Characters will support 6 classes and 9 races
  • Combat, Dialog, Characters and Spells/Actions have increased mightily over previous Larian games

We reported earlier this month about the release date, prior to this Community Update, but if you missed it, check out the release information as well as some details presented during the Panel From Hell.


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