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Baldur's Gate 3's Neil Newbon and Final Fantasy 16's Ben Starr Feature in Warframe Whispers in the Walls and 1999

These new additions should sound familiar if you've played the year's top games.

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Warframe developer Digital Extremes is revealing a few voice actors who might sound familiar as they bring their talents to the upcoming Whispers in the Walls update and Warframe: 1999 expansion.

The team announced that they’ve snagged two of the nominees for tomorrow’s 2023 edition of The Game Awards for Best Performance: Neil Newbon and Ben Starr. Newbon most recently featured as the voice of Astarion in Larian’s Baldur’s Gate 3, a game that is more than likely to walk away with a few honors. This year, Ben Starr played the protagonist Clive Rosfeld in Square Enix’ Final Fantasy XIV.

As for who these actors will be playing, Digital Extremes is giving both some info and a few teases. Newbon’s role is one of those still shrouded in some secrecy, but more will be revealed. In Whispers in the Walls, which will be out this month, players will uncover some secrets in and around Albrecht Entrati’s labs. There have also been hints about a new Syndicate. And this is where Newbon comes in. He will be Fibonacci, the leader of the new “Cavia” Syndicate is in the shadows.  

Ben Starr joins the Warframe universe as the character of Arthur. First revealed at TennoCon 2023, wearing armor that looked like Excalibur, the appropriately named Arthur will be searching for Dr. Entrati in the 1999 expansion. 

While Whispers in the Walls will be out this month (bringing cross-save!), the Warframe 1999 expansion is expected next year.

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