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Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 Adds Active Roll, Non-Lethal Attacks

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Larian Studios have published a recent community update letting us know what we can expect as part of Patch 5 to their Early Access RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3. And yes, there’s active roll.

First up, Patch 5 will invalidate your Patch 4 saves, as has been the case for all patches thus far. To prepare and see what you can do if you want to keep playing on Patch 4, check out our coverage here.

This patch, Patch 5, is a pretty substantial one. Active roll is a new feature and are a dice mechanic allowing you to apply spells and bonuses to your dice rolls. This means if you know you have a low chance of passing a check, you can cast Enhance Ability to add an Advantage bonus of sorts to help satiate the RNG gods. Keep in mind, you’ll use a spell slot when you do this, so spend wisely.

Non-lethal combat was also discussed. Basically, if you steal something from an NPC and they then turn around and attack you (how dare they), you’ll have the chance to knock them unconscious instead of violently killing them. Additionally, Larian notes they separated the jump and disengage actions. Therefore, you’ll be able to take part in either action independently of each other.

Other notes include more rewards and recognition for roleplaying, camping 2.0, improvements to enemy AI, an upgrade to spellcasting, more Shadowheart storyline, and point and click dialogue. Also, there’s a new dog. Patch 5 is set to hit Baldur’s Gate 3 this coming Tuesday, July 13. Read up on the full update here.


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