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Baldur's Gate 3 NPCs Will No Longer Rise From the Dead

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new hotfix is out for Baldur’s Gate 3 which brings about a host of fixes for some pretty quirky bugs in Larian’s RPG.

The hotfix is available now for Steam, GOG, and Stadia and addresses a few issues related to NPCs. For example, one such issue it fixes is the pesky matter of NPCs fleeing from you after using the Wild Shape ability.

Elsewhere, the patch addresses some crashing issues which took place. We suspect fixing crashes is always a good thing. Take a look at the rest of the patch notes below:

  • Fixed a threading crash related to physics when loading a level.
  • Fixed a crash on loading a game where you've committed an egregious amount of crimes.
  • Fixed a crash related to textures when loading a level.
  • Fixed a crash when approaching the Owlbear Cave.
  • Fixed broken NPC behavior when saving while NPCs are reacting to your Wild Shape.
  • Fixed pickpocketing not showing the correct items available for "borrowing".
  • Fixed multiple clicks on the same target opening multiple pickpocket windows.
  • Fixed certain NPCs rising from the dead after specific dialogs.
  • Fixed fur on bear models.

You can check out the full post here. Baldur’s Gate 3 has received a steady spate of hotfixes and larger patches since its release into Early Access last Fall. Patch 5 just went live in July and brought new features like active roll. A more recent hotfix provided another round of squashing bugs.


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