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Awaken the Abyssal Kraken for Bragging Rights and Loot in ArcheAge

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ArcheAge has added the Abyssal Kraken in the game’s latest update. Also in the update are the limited Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf event for up to 50 players, a number of bug fixes, and improvements to the Garden of the Gods Teleport Stone, tooltips and lots of rewards.

You will no longer have to carry four stones for The Garden of the Gods. These have been combined into one travel stone that you can use to travel to all four locations. 

The Kraken is up for those ready to challenge it in the Arcadian Sea. It will be available on Tuesday and Sunday to unleash its frenzy and summon its hordes of minions in the fight. This time, should all of those fighting the Kraken get it to 70% HP, there is a chance to awaken and summon the Abyssal Kraken. The new “Kill Abyssal Kraken” quest has been added, along with rewards for victory that include 3000 Honor Points, 10 Leadership, and a Kraken Eye.

For those who want a challenge but less of a huge beast involved, there’s the Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf event, which will be available through August 8th.  In this event, everyone competes against one another, and in order to claim victory, you'll have to defeat everyone else. The arena supports up to 50 players, so that means a lot of potential enemies.

You summon your Clipper and once you've done that, you can't get off, so you have to explore the map, defeat monsters, stock up on supplies, and enhance your boat. These arena challenges last for 60 minutes, but there are dangers on the map, in addition to the fact that everyone else is your enemy. This is an equalized challenge, and all buffs and debuffs will be canceled on entry. These won’t be restored when you leave, so time your challenges right. Everyone with more than 4,000 Naval Arena points will appear in the rankings and get a shot at additional rewards.  

For the update notes and details, head over to ArcheAge.


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